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About Us

A female-owned team with a breadth of experience
dedicated to making tax season approachable.

Cincinnati Tax Advisor

Our Story

At Vivify, we understand the challenges individuals face when dealing with taxes. Our extensive experience in public accounting and financial planning has allowed us to recognize the frustrations that often arise in the industry. Motivated by these frustrations, and confident we could help, we established Vivify with a clear vision in mind—to prioritize the client's financial journey and simplify their tax experience through a supportive, client-centric approach.

Our mission is to break away from traditional norms and design an experience that alleviates the stress and confusion surrounding taxes. We empower individuals to navigate their taxes with ease while focusing on building wealth and achieving their financial goals. With our commitment to transforming the tax experience, Vivify has emerged as a trusted partner, offering clarity, expert advice, and peace of mind.

Meet The Founders

Ready to Vivify your tax experience?

Trust Vivify to navigate your taxes with ease,
and we’ll provide the peace of mind you deserve.

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